For more than 7 years, Al shamss story has always been about innovation.


Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company to build a place where people can trading


we offers a full range of logistics services for export, import, and domestic businesses. We customize our activities to meet your needs

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About Us

 We specialize in the field of paper. Importing paper from abroad. Our company is distinguished by its diversity Sources from which you are importing. We are a company specializing in supplying various types of paper obtained from our classified partners around the world. These items include printing, writing, packaging, graphite graphics and specialized uses. We can provide specialized solutions according to your needs for the product.

One of the most promising companies in the field of international trade Business Type: –

We are a trading company as a distributor / wholesaler


Years In Business

We have flexible conditions for collecting the order and delivering it in several places around the world, which makes us the ideal choice for customers and suppliers, and we manage shipments with the utmost care and sincerity to provide an outstanding service to the customer.

We understand and respect the needs of our factories, and we continuously strive to maintain the partnership between us.

Our Services

Specialty paper

writing and printing paper

packaging solutions

Specialist paper

Standard paper (Prime paper)

Ware house stock paper, stock and surplus production

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